Yak-Power Plug and Play Serious Complete System (YP-RP5CS3)

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Product Description

Our most popular system!

The Yak Power SERIOUS Complete System with 5 switch outlets allows you to control all of your 12v electronics from a convenient, flush, waterproof control panel. Pair it with your battery (not included) using the included Battery Terminal Pigtail and you will be Controlling the Current on your kayak in no time. No cutting or splicing is required!

Why cut and splice when you can just Plug-and-Play?

Featuring our patent pending Power Panel electronic control system with 3 Power Ports (Bow, Midship, Stern), a battery terminal pig tail, and 3 Power Plug accessory connectors, there is nothing else you’ll need besides a battery to power up your kayak. And, connecting it all together is quick and easy with our Yak Power plug-and-play connectors. There are even 2 extra accessory outlets on the Power Panel switcher for LED lights or any other accessories you want to add. So, if you’re wanting to spend less time rigging and more time fishing while having full control of all your 12V accessories on board, this “Serious” kit is for you!


All accessories are connected and controlled independently using indiv Powering the system is simple. It plugs directly into our Power Pack battery box or Battery Terminal Pig Tails. No cutting or splicing is required! idual buttons on the control panel. Each button turns RED when it is activated making it easy to see which buttons are in use. And, the Master Power switch allows you to completely power up-down the entire system with the press of a button to minimize your power consumption while out on the water.


Powering the system is simple. Simply plug the main power cable on the switcher into the Battery Terminal Pigtail (battery not included) that comes with the SERIOUS Complete System. Connect the Battery Terminal Pigtail to your battery and power it up! And, the Battery Terminal Pigtail includes an inline fuse to protect your system.


The SERIOUS Complete System includes 3 Power Ports that easily install into your kayak wherever you need power. Simply drill a 3/4″ hole and the self aligning port will drop right in and then plug directly into the Yak Power system.


The small, round, flush mount design of the main control panel makes it easy to install in the gunnel walls of most kayaks making the buttons very accessible when seated.

Patented Power Panel electronic control system
Includes: (1) YP-RP5R Power Panel Switching System, (1) YP-PMC48S Power Port with 4ft. wire – Mid-ship, (2) YP-PMC96S Power Port with 8ft. wire – Bow, Stern, (1) YP-BTP12 Battery Pigtail – 12”, (3) YP-SAE4 Power Plug accessory connectors
List Price: $149.99