Surfboard Soft Rack Lockdown Premium Surfboard Car Racks by Curve (Set of 2)

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**Ranked #1 in wiki 2017 Best Surfboard Car Racks category**

PROTECTION: 1″ (25mm) foam padding provides protective insulation between surfboards and vehicle roof. Softrack interior is lined with soft neoprene cushioning for max surfboard protection.
SURFBOARD RAIL PROTECTION: When transporting up to 3 shortboards (or 1 longboard), the 1″ foam padding reaches around surfboard rails – eliminating contact between strap and surfboard rail, a revolutionary way of reducing rail damage.
COMPATIBILITY: Lockdown Racks are compatible with bare roofed vehicles (ie nothing at all on the roof) that have either 4 opening doors, or a combination of front doors and two rear opening windows. Also compatible with roofed vehicles fitted with 2x roof rails which run parallel to side of car. Roof rails do NOT need cross bars.
CONSTRUCTION: each 1” webbing strap is secured by a super strong zinc cast cambuckle (plastic coated) for ultimate tension and safety.
USEABILITY: Lockdown Racks are configured differently than standard soft racks, so first installation may take extra time until familiar. For this reason we recommend you have prior experience of using soft racks. Once familiar, the racks are simple to use with a single tightening point per rack
CAPACITY: 1-4 short surfboards or 1-3 longboards.*see our listing for specialized Lockdown SUP racks with rail protection (search ASIN: B00TDNQYOG). Please note: all softracks can make a humming noise due to windage when driving, however this can be simply alleviated by adding a twist or two to each strap.
**Choose the Best for your Boards and choose LOCKDOWN.** Keep the stoke!!
LOCKDOWN patented Curve ‘lockdown’ system uses a revolutionary single loop to ‘cocoon’ around surfboards and secure to your vehicles roof. This eliminates usual problems of surfboard lift, slide and flutter, even in conditions such as windblasts from oncoming trucks.
PADDED 1″ foam padding provides cushioning between surfboards and vehicle roof, with a soft inner neoprene lining for maximum surfboard protection
RAIL PROTECTION 1″ foam extends to cocoon around surfboard rails and prevent strap on rail damage
2 CONNECTION OPTIONS – either thru doors or via roof rails
List Price: $53.00