Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock Rafting Platform For Beach, Lake & Pool | For Recreation, Lounge Chairs, and Boat Maintenance | With Pump and Bag | Heavy-Duty Military-Grade Material

, ,The Solstice Inflatable Dock is a super-rigid, high pressure drop-stitch constructed floating platform that comfortably supports standing adults. With 6 stainless steel D-ring tie downs and 6 super-strong, reinforced grab handles tethering and boarding the inflatable dock is easy from the dock, boat or water. H3 high pressure valve provide quick inflate/deflate with the includes high pressure pump equipped with a pressure gauge allowing adjustable pressures of 10-12 psi (0.69 to 0.83 bars) for a hard sturdy experience, while less than 10 psi (0.69 bar) provides a softer environment. Let the Solstice Inflatable Dock be your favorite lounge platform: Sturdy enough for your favorite lounge chairs and claw resistant for all your furry friends you’ll spend hours of water fun time on this unique inflatable. Expand your boat & add square footage to your water real estate by tying the dock right off your boat transom.Stainless steel D-rings located on top side of dock: Simply flip over if you’d like to set anchor & create a safer space for the kids (& keep their toes safe!). Build a fleet with your friends & family! The D-Rings make it so you can link up with as many Solsticedocks, paddleboards, kayaks, etc. as you’d like!Watersport launch pad: The inflatable dock is your home base when you’re out on the water. Make getting in and out of your kayak, jet ski, etc. much easier with this dock by your side.Tie off to your existing dock as an extension for more fun on th
RIGID FEEL: Solstice’s inflatable docks are not just any ordinary inflatable. When inflated, experience a lightweight, yet hard-feel surface – the applications are endless for these inflatable platforms. Perfect for lounge chairs, coolers, and hours of fun on the water
ADDED HANG-OUT SPACE: Simply inflate and tie to the back of your boat, dock, or anchor in the water. Extend your on-water real estate by an additional 30 square feet. 3-5 person recommended capacity – supports standing adults
MAINTENANCE PLATFORM: Working on your boat has never been easier – simply tie to the side of your boat, utilize the middle D-rings to tie down tools, and maneuver around effortlessly
EASY STORAGE: Inflatable drop stitch technology makes it incredibly easy to deflate, fold, and store back in the included bag – perfect to store in small spaces
COMPLETE SET: Comes with a dual action hand pump with pressure gauge, carry bag, 6 stainless steel D-ring tie downs, 6 reinforced grab handles, 1 repair kit, and 1 high pressure inflate/deflate HR valve
Sport type: fishing,