Propel Paddle Gear Rod Floats

, ,PROPEL PADDLE GEAR BY SHORELINE MARINE An unabridged line of paddle sports accessories for a more enhanced, customized paddling experience. Paddle sports enthusiasts are a rapidly growing population that turn to the water to exercise, explore and experience the wonders of the natural world. To meet the increasing demand of this growing segment of outdoor enthusiasts, Shoreline Marine , a trusted name in affordable quality, introduces Propel Paddle Gear by Shoreline Marine . Designed to empower consumers to customize their own outdoor experiences, Propel Paddle Gear by Shoreline Marine makes it easy for consumers to maintain, repair and improve their kayaks and SUP boards. Propel Paddle Gear by Shoreline Marine takes it to the next level with a tiered series of performance paddles engineered to address the needs of each degree of skill – while bringing bold colors and unique patterns to fit paddlers’ unique styles.
Doesn’T hinder rod use when applied
Keeps rod afloat when dropped in the water
Slips easily on your rod and secures with hook and loop straps
Corrosion Resistant,