OLIVIA & AIDEN Grapnel Anchor Kit (3.5 lb) with 40ft Marine Rope and Buoy | Portable, Compact Accessory for Canoe, Jon Boat, Jet Ski, Paddle Board, SUP | Folding Kayak Anchor

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Product Description


When it’s time to hit the open water and you’re in a small Jon boat, kayak, canoe, or paddle board, you don’t want your watercraft to start drifting away if you want to stop and enjoy the scenery, fish a certain spot, or take a cool dip in the water. That’s why we created the Olivia & Aiden Folding Anchor crafted with lightweight, galvanized steel. A small, pop-out fluke grapple hook design that weighs just 3.5 lbs., it’s the perfect choice to take along with you for every outdoor adventure.

Product Details:

· Portable Folding Anchor (3.5 lbs.)

· Four Fluke Grapple

· Buoy Ball Attachment

· Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel

· Rust and Corrosion Resistant

· Anchor Line: 40’ Long

· Nylon Storage Bag

· Closed Anchor Dimensions: 12” x 3”

kayak anchorkayak anchor


Made for Adventurers

Not every boat needs, or can handle, a big, heavy anchor just to keep them floating in place, which is why our small folding anchor is just the right size to keep on a canoe or kayak, or add to a supply bag for your paddle board or jet ski.

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The pop-open fluke design automatically opens up as it drifts through the water to the bottom and latches on to sandy, rocky, or even weedy bottoms more effectively.

The long 40’ rope gives you far more depth than you generally need for small watercraft, as you’ll generally not exceed that depth when you’re in a fishing Jon boat or kayak.

The floating buoy comes pre-attached to the rope and slides to the surface to help you easily identify the entry point of your anchor, even if waves move your craft around.

ULTRA-PORTABLE BOAT ANCHOR – Ideal for small fishing Jon boats, kayaks and canoes, or paddle boards, this 3.5-lb. folding anchor can be taken on every water adventure.
IMPROVED STRENGTH AND HOLD – Crafted with galvanized steel this jet ski anchor holds ground better with more horizontal drag due to a smart, well-balanced fluke design.
BUOY BALL AND DRAG LINE – Each canoe anchor also includes a 40ft grapnel anchor line with an attached buoy to help you easily identify and pull up your anchor in any water.
MULTIPURPOSE PERSONAL USE – A compact, easy-to-store size, it works well for fishing or personal watercraft and grapples well on pond, lake, river, or ocean bottoms.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We take pride in our Olivia & Aiden Folding Dinghy Anchor. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us for a 60-day replacement or refund.,