Malone Downloader Folding J-Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines

, ,The J-DownLoader with Bow and Stern includes everything you need to carry one kayak vertically on your roof top. When not in use, the carrier folds down to create more overhead clearance. The built in loading ramps help load and unload the kayak while oversized padding helps protect the boat once strapped down. The Malone universal JAWZ mounting hardware fits round, square and factory oval cross rails.
J-style kayak carrier with built-in boarding ramp for easy loading
Fold down technology increases overhead clearance. Compatible with the MPG351 Telos Load Assist
Oversized padding protects boat during transport
JAWZ mounting hardware fits round, square and most factory oval cross rails, includes both 60mm and 70mm pre-coated mounting bolts;Cam style load straps with buckle protectors
Dimensions:Length: 17″,Width: 6″,Height: 19.5″,Load capacity: 75 lb,