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Product Description

fish finderfish finder

The kayak fish finder is designed for kayak fishing, Jon boat fishing, float tube boat fishing, pontoon boat fishing, canoe fishing, which is an unmissable fishing gear in your fishing box. The high quality of portable fish finder imaging will also give you a new experience of using the handheld fish finder.

fish finderfish finder

Our features:

Sensitivity adjustment: the sensitivity of the transducer fish finder can be set from 1-10 levels, just based on your needs and the changing of environment.Water temperature display: the display of water temperature will helps you to monitor the underwater environment for detecting with the fish depth finder.Fish and School Alerts: Fish depth detectors sound an alarm when fish and school of fish are close with the fishing sonar sensor.Bottom contour display: the screen of the shore fish finder can display underwater aquatic plants and rocks, used to monitor the water environment.Detection depth: The handheld fish finder can detect between 3 feet and 328.08 feet (0.6m to 100m), enough to detect conditions.Sonar Transducer: The 45°200kHz fish sonar sensor beam provides a wide detection range.

fish finderfish finder

fish finderfish finder

fish finderfish finder

High quality and clear display:

The clear and professional imagining display could give you a new virtual experience by using three color modes, showing the bottom contour display very clearly and colored.

Rechargeable and battery saving:

The fishfinder have an internal Lithium ion battery and can be recharged by USB cable. At full charging mode, the battery life would be 4-5 hours.

Zoom in and out feature

You can set your own depth upper limit and enlargement the scene that you see through the screen. Besides, there are four different units from the menu–M/℃, FT/℃, M/℉, FT/℉.


Processional fish finderWired sonar sensor transducerManualUSB AC adapterUSB cableBracketMicro auto chargerNeck strap

Fishes Size Display: The portable fish finder uses three different size icons to show how large of the fishes. Knowing the size of fishes could increase the possibility of catching large fish. In addition, when fishes and fish school near by, the portable fish finder also will alert you.
Updated Various Function: The transducer fish finder provides accurate real time data, including fish position, depth of water. In addition, the fish depth finder contains the feature of water temperature display, ice fishing display mode, screen brightness, sensitivity adjustment, and so on.
Easy to Use: The fishing sonar sensor transducer can both immerse in the water, or tie it to the hull of a boat. This kayak fish finder is perfect for beginners or professional angler, and it works right out of the box. The bracket helps you to attach sensors to your boats, canoes or kayaks.
Wide Applications: The display fish finder could be used for kayak fishing, Jon boat fishing, float tube boat fishing, pontoon boat fishing, canoe fishing and so on. Besides, the handheld fishfinders are also great fishing gifts for men.,