Kayak Roller Loader,Power Assist System for Kayak Placement on The roof,Heavy-Duty Suction Cups,Push up The Kayak on The car roof

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The kayak roller loaderr rack is a tool that can assist you to easily mount the kayak on the car roof. 
When you are only one person or you are not very strong, then you can also easily mount the kayak your car. 
When you have fun and are a little tired, you don’t want to put a lot of effort to hold the kayak on the roof. 
At this time, you can install the kayak roller loaderr system on the rear glass of your car , you just put the bow on it and push the kayak up and you’ll love it.
Kayak roller loaderr racks are designed in a heart shape for greater carrying capacity and smaller installation area.
The suction cup of the kayakroller loaderr system, the bottom is made of high-quality rubber material, with strong anti-aging, and there is a metal lining in the middle, which has stronger suction during use. The single suction cup can swing properly, and it fits the glass more tightly in use, which is firm and reliable. Suitable for most cars.
The kayak roller loaderr frame is equipped with rolling assist foam, which protects the bottom of the kayak from scratches. The rolling structure is smooth and you will feel at ease.
When you use the kayak roller loaderr system, please wipe your car glass with a towel and you will find that the suction cup will be firmly attached to the glass. When you unpack the product packaging, you will find towels.
A kayak mount is a tool that allows you to easily mount your kayak on the car roof by yourself. Of course, you can also easily pull the kayak off the car roof with the kayak roller loaderr system. You’ll find that with it, you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching your car or kayak.
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