Huntury Kayak Paddle Holder, Kayak Track Mount Accessories, Kayak Oar Holder for Fishing Kayak, Kayak Rail Accessories, Pack of 2

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Product Description

Great PackagingGreat Packaging

kayak fishingkayak fishing

Out of the waysOut of the ways

Save Rail SpaceSave Rail Space

parallel to kayakparallel to kayak

Laying across the cockpitLaying across the cockpit

1. This couldn’t be easier to install and very nice to clip my paddle into if I have to do it quickly while fishing.

2. The paddle holder takes up very little real estate on the track and can be positioned at the angle that works best for you.

3. Previously, I was using the elastic strap on the side of my kayak to secure the paddle. Reaching for the paddle created a situation whereby my kayak would tip dangerously to one side. However, with this holder, I am able to secure my paddle closer to my seat and, thus, eliminate the unnecessary leaning. Installation was a breeze, and the holder fit securely.

4. Get’s the paddle securely out of the way while keeping the gear track clear for my other accessories.

【KEEP YOUR HANDS FREE WHILE KAYAK FISHING】 These kayak paddle holder can keep your paddle close when you fishing on kayak, so it’s out of the way but still right at hand. It allow you to freely use your fishing poles.
【A MUST HAVE FOR KAYAK】 This paddle holder is multifunctional, it can not only great for securing the paddle while fishing or taking a break on the kayak, but also great to hold a fish net or fishing pole that as big as your paddle. This paddle clip get’s the paddle securely out of the way while keeping the gear track clear for my other accessories.
【COMPARE TO OTHER KAYAK TRACK PADDLE HOLDER】 This kayak paddle allows you to place the paddle on the outside of the kayak saving rail space for other stuff like kayak track fishing rod holder. What’s more, other’s paddle holder doesn’t hold the paddle tightly enough and you will easily lose your paddle, but our paddle holder can keep the paddle tightly and securely.
【BATTER THAN THE BUNGEE STRAP OF YOUR KAYAK】 When you use the bungee strap, reaching for the paddle created a situation whereby your kayak would tip dangerously to one side, but with our kayak track paddle grip, you are able to secure the paddle closer to your seat and, thus eliminate the unnecessary leaning. What’s more, it is more convenient to snag into and take off of oar than bungee strap and holds the paddle more securely.
【SUPER EASY TO INSTALL OR REMOVE】 No more drilling or srews, almost “plug and play” feature. Installation and removal is a breeze. Just insert gear track stud into gear track, slide to desired position, and twist the hand knob to make it tightly.
List Price: $21.99