BRIGHTLINES 53″ All Black Locable Universal Cross Bars Roof Racks & Double Folding Kayak Roof Rack Carrier That Holds a Pair of Kayaks, or One Canoe or SUPs Paddleboards

, ,Universal cross bar design with a big clamp opening to be compatible with many vehicles with raised side rails of different shapes; round, oval, square. One set and be used on many applications. The kayak racks that come along with this package are capable of holding TWO kayaks. This is a complete set of roof crossbars and kayak rack combos for vehicles equipped with raised roof side rails.
Complete set of roof crossbars and kayak rack combos for vehicles equipped with raised roof side rails.
Universal cross bar roof rack mounts to raised side rails of most vehicles, including SUVs, CUVs and cars. A minium gap of 1/2″ between the roof top and side rail is needed for installation. Use Amazon Garage on the top to check if the racks fit your vehicle. The roof racks are 53″ long and have a maximum weight capacity 150 lbs. The kayak rack has a load capacity of 150lbs. The combos are capable of holding two kayaks.
Crossbars are adjustable in position. Easy installation and removal. The roof racks have integrated locks to prevent being stolen. The kayak rack upright arm can be locked at any position from flat to 90 degrees. The cradles that hold kayaks can also slide to accommodate different sizes of Kayaks. Two pairs of straps are included in the package.
Each roof rack comes with two mounting brackets to mount to each crossbar, preventing the rack from rocking. Mounting brackets can fit square and round crossbars.
One year manufacturer warranty. Ship from U.S. warehouse plus tech support and customer service. Please note: Carrying larger items like a Canoe/Kayak will cause extra wind drag that will add additional pressure on both the item and the crossbars. Please use tensioning rope to secure the bow and stern of your item to your vehicle. Tensioning rope not included with kayak rack.,