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carbon fiber kayak paddlescarbon fiber kayak paddles

kayak paddleskayak paddles

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Since 2016, Best Marine & Outdoors has been a leading provider of kayak accessories throughout the USA.

We offer an affordable line of high quality kayaking gear that makes kayaking easier and more enjoyable.

Our motto is simple… Kayak more, worry less, be happy and enjoy life!

Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

Make your kayaking trips more enjoyable with the Best Marine carbon fiber kayak paddles. Our lightweight paddles are not only a fraction of the cost of similar paddles, but their strength and durability allows you to powerfully and effortlessly glide through water with minimum strain on your shoulders and arms. Kayaking shouldn’t be tiring, it should be relaxing. Try a Best Marine kayak paddle today and enjoy a more peaceful and satisfying kayak experience.

Carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades 5 amazing design options (Blue cloud, orange cloud, blue prism, black prism) Three different lengths (220cm, 234cm and 250cm) Weighs only 33.5oz (2lbs) US based company originating in Cape Cod, MA

best marine carbon fiber kayak paddlesbest marine carbon fiber kayak paddles

Why Best Marine Kayak Paddles vs Others?

When people start kayaking, they typically start with an aluminum paddle. Why wouldn’t they? A paddle is a paddle, right? But if you ask any experienced kayaker if all paddles are the same, they’ll tell you that all paddles are not created equal. Aluminum paddles are cheap and heavy, fiberglass paddles are middle of the pack, and carbon fiber kayak paddles are best in class. It’s true. Carbon fiber paddles are the best. They’re extremely lightweight, they have a smooth feel in your hands and they allow you to effortlessly pull your kayak through the water with limited effort and energy. The caveat? Carbon paddles are typically expensive, somewhere in the 250+ dollar range. That was the downside. What was the upside? Best Marine & Outdoors saw a gap in the market and created a line of carbon paddles that everyone could afford! We won’t get into the details, but read our reviews. Our paddles are pretty amazing and often compared to the way more expensive paddles. So if you’re looking for a good paddle and 25 dollars seems too cheap, but 300 dollars seems too expensive, you’ve come to the right place. As we normally say… Kayak more, worry less, be happy and enjoy life!

best marine kayak paddlesbest marine kayak paddles

PERFORMANCE: This 250cm paddle weighs 34oz and separates into 2 pieces
ULTRA LIGHT: Carbon paddle shaft weighs less than fiberglass or aluminum
COLORFUL DESIGNS: 5 fun & exciting color options to choose from
COMFORTING: Reduces arm fatigue & makes kayaking fun & more enjoyable
AFFORDABILITY: Similar quality to other carbon paddles at a better price
VERSATILITY: Kayak oar can also be used with a canoe or sup paddle board
PEACE OF MIND: Based in Massachusetts with a 100% money back guarantee
List Price: $115.00