Bait Towel 3 Pack Orange Fishing Towels with Clip, Plush Microfiber nap Fabric, 16×16, The Original Bait Towel Value 3 Pack (Orange Crush)

, ,Bait Towel is Fishing’s #1 microfiber clip towel. Now available in Value Packs, anglers everywhere are experiencing the benefits of having a Bait Towel handy when they need it most. Bulky oversized fishing towels are not convenient but Bait Towels is a handy, super absorbent microfiber fishing towel with an easy-to-use carabiner clip for “Hands Free” convenience. Perfect lightweight size (16″ x 16″) to fit in your pocket, secure quickly to a belt loop, or hang anywhere. Bait Towels will not weigh you down. Take a Bait Towel every time you go fishing. Choose from many great colors. Hands Free Microfiber Bait Towels with Clip are the perfect gift for every sportsman. You can keep a lightweight Bait Towel in your back pocket or clipped to your belt loop to use when you need it most. Reel Clean and never miss another catch because your hands are slippery. Put a Hands-Free Microfiber Bait Towel in your tackle box today, you’ll be glad you did. Take it to the shore, on the boat, in the kayak. Always “Reel Clean”, keep your hands after baiting a hook or a quick release. Ideal for cleaning eyewear with no streaks. Bait Towel is now sold in thousands of tackle shops and is Fishing’s best selling microfiber Fishing Towel. Stock up today on a Value Pack!
“REEL CLEAN” – MICROFIBER BAIT TOWEL – A Perfect size 16” x 16” to keep in your back pocket or clip to your belt loop. Take a Bait Towel with you on the boat or to the shore. REEL CLEAN – after handling bait, quick wipe after a release, dry your hands after a fillet, clean your eye wear with no streaks.
EASY-TO-USE CARABINER CLIP – Attaches to your belt loop for Hands Free Convenience. Toss that old fishing rag and move up to a new Microfiber Bait Towel.
AMAZING CLEANING RESULTS – Super absorbent, lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarn that wipes away bait, blood, and oil completely. A durable fabric that dries quickly so you can wash and reuse often.
PERFECT SIZE & WEIGHT – (16″ x 16″) NOT TOO BIG OR SMALL – Oversize fishing towels are too bulky to keep handy. Bait Towel is designed to be a convenient CLEANING Towel that can be kept with you but not weigh you down.
VALUE PACK SAVINGS – Stock up for the season on a Value Pack at a great price. Keep one on your belt loop and 1 in your tackle box. Bring a few on rainy days. Share with a friend. Bait Towel is now available in many popular colors.,